Winner of the 2014 Pat Lowther Award!

A Canadian Poetry Book of the Year for 2013

Michael Lista on Alexandra's Meeting the Tormentors in Safeway in the National Post:

"an incredible feat of vision and voice"

"Oliver, who also holds a degree in film studies, writes poems that have dual purchase on the senses; she is equally gifted at picture-perfect scene making and image construction as she is at stitching those scenes together in an unforgettable aural fabric."

"Technically, nothing is out of Oliver’s grasp. Her go-to iambic pentameter can swallow anything in its path."

"Meeting the Tormentors in Safeway should go a long way toward establishing Oliver as one of the country’s best stanza makers, with a fluidity and ambition aspiring to Dylan Thomas or Yeats."

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Way to go Alexandra!

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